I work mostly on installations and performances, but if I need other media for my vision I gladly use them. I create pieces which are conceived on the meeting point between domains – and between different people. Most of my activities have a “healing” role – for me, my audience, a part of the world. I am inspired by my own experiences, memories, visions and dreams, as well as by contact with people and nature. I often base my work on hardly reliable knowledge from the internet, which is not a barrier for me because I think our cognition is anyway neither complete nor objective.

Process is key in my artwork, it is often an integral part of my pieces – the audience witnesses and participates in the creative process. The presence of the addressee is very important for the perception of my works, the spectator is often invited to co-creation, so that the boundary between the artist and the viewer becomes blurred. I would like the final outcome to impress the audience, which is why I often engage multiple senses. Apart from visual effects I use sounds, touch, taste and smell; the substances I use have their special meaning, even though I also value accident. I like making references also to specific musical pieces.

Sometimes my work is for me like a forgotten ritual, and sometimes it hovers on the brink of a joke – this is done on purpose to bring about grotesque, that is the linking between funny and serious; this is strongly enhancing the specific message. It makes us wonder, whether the world is indeed as we think, as it is described by language, logic and the media. It causes consternation.

I like colors, especially turquoise; water and light, which lights in the darkness.