Black Boxes of Dreams / exhibition / installation


Black Boxes of Dreams is a project inspired by the dreams of blind people.
When we sleep we all have closed eyes, but what we normally remember when we wake up are images. I asked the blind people about what their dreams are like, and based on the stories, I prepared „pictures” in the form of multisensory installation. A dream is a repetition – it is the impression of reality as processed without light. It is a reality in which senses other than vision sharpen and play a major role. In order to recreate a blind person’s dream, you have to try and recreate his perception of reality and then deform it – distort perceptions, introduce a dissonance. At the exhibition there was nothing to see, only to feel, smell, hear, participate … recipient had the opportunity to get lost in the maze of dreams.

The project was made possible with a grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Creativity by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in cooperation with the Polish Association of the Blind and the Municipal Public Library in Opole.