carrying pole / performance / installation

Performance made in cooperation with Gallery of contemporary art in Opole and The Opole Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture, in september 2016.

The carrying pole is a bit like scale – it took me a moment to get control over the moving load. You carry the water, while you could easily use a tractor with a big container and pump in the water into the fountain under high pressure.

The fountain in Kazimierz Square in Opole was part of a ‚playground complex’ for Bitka’s children. We called this place a „dropisko” (I don’t know why). On a hot June morning after mass, wearing my festive clothes, I went for a walk with my grandpa Jasiu and my siblings – it was the eve of St. John, the first day when you could go for a swim in the river. People were swimming in the flood relief, and I wanted to get my feet wet too. My grandfather is a dream grandfather – he allowed me to do everything, so he agreed and let me wade through water. Once near the railway bridge there was a sort of small ‚river’. It was there that my feet slipped on the mossy shore … I remember the view under the water very clearly – the blurry greenness – I did not quite know what was going on. Fortunately, I caught some cane and I managed to get my head out. My grandfather’s hands took me out of the water just a moment later.

For a few days I felt like as if I was not touching the ground with my feet.

Documentation in the form of an installation – the exposition in The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery as part of the exhibition ‚Urban legend Deconstruction’

photo GSW Opole and Maria Bitka