Rappers & Sappers / project

“Rappers & Sappers” is an idea for establishing an artistic connection between Wrocław and Opole through events taking place on this slightly forgotten bridge in the Kozanów district in Wrocław.
The instigators and creators from the Wersja Foundation have planned the final stage of the “Rappers & Sappers” project to take place in the former military training grounds near most Saperów (Sappers’ Bridge). In the past, the bridge was used as an object where sappers practiced planting explosives and tested ways of destroying traffic routes.
On 20 June, it will be the other way around. Bridges will be built and completely peaceful maneuvers will engage artists from Wrocław and Opole, who will thus join the “Bridges” programme and the preparations for European Capital of Culture. On this occasion, visual artists led by Natalia Krawczyk will sail along the historical waterway between Wrocław and Opole to bring cement that will be used to build the monument. Once they have reached most Saperów, they will run workshops open to everybody. As a result, they will initiate the construction of a cultural bridge between the two cities. All the artistic actions will be held to the accompaniment of rap music. The bridge will become a stage for a number of best rappers and musicians from Opole (Dinal, DJ Element, Nemy), and the Wrocław-based Electro-Acoustic Beat Session jazz-hip hop orchestra, who will invite the participants to a rap picnic near the bridge.
I invite you to follow our preparation on the blog rappersandsappers.blogspot.com
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