Maria Bitka was born in Opole, Poland the day following the explosion in Chernobyl. She is an artist and a teacher, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She completed her diploma in the intermedia atelier of Prof. Anthony Porczak in 2013. In 2010, she graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of Opole University, where she completed her diploma in the atelier of Prof. Aleksandra Janik. During her studies, she participated in exchanges at Art Institute of Indiana University of Pennsylvania in USA and at Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague.
She uses multiple techniques and various media to make her audiences feel awkward through her works. In 2011, she received a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for her project “Black boxes of dreams”. She is an active member of the OPAK association. Currently, she works as a teacher in High school of the Arts in Opole. In her free time, the sings in the folk song band Niezłe Ziółka. She is a member of the Kuratorki (the curators) artistic group.


Selected exhibitions and achievements:
The clinic with the cave-shape effect – individual exhibition in ANEKS gallery at Gallery of Modern Art in Opole
Marnotrawienie (Wasteful digestion) – art in residence with The Curators artistic group, Wrocław
Artsemester – participation in group exhibition at VSUP in Prague
Promotional Prize of the President of Opole, for fulfillment of innovative projects changing the artistic panorama of Opole
Winner of the Fresh Zone competition within the international Art Boom festival in Kraków – for the Krak’s Dream – Fortress 33 project carried out in cooperation with Ilona Barszcz
IIIPOIII (three times three) joint project of cities of Opole (PL) and Olomouc (CZ), featuring an art exhibition by Hhe Curator artistic group
Space as experimental space – performance within joint exhibition by intermedia students, Art Bunker Gallery in Kraków
Kurrikulum Vitae – exhibition by The Curators artistic group, Aneks Gallery at the Gallery of Modern Art in Opole
Black boxes of dreams – individual exhibition at Zamostek Gallery of the Municipal Public Library in Opole
Winner of the scholarship from The Fund for Promotion of Creativity by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – allocated for the project “Black boxes of dreams”, exhibition inspired by dreams of the blind people
Artists from Opole – joint exhibition featuring the The Curators artistic group, Museum of Silesia in Opole
The shadow of a woman – participation in a joint exhibition, Solvay Centre for Modern Art in Kraków
Winner of the nationwide competition “Creative Valley” in the field of Animation of culture, for the project “Widen your frame”
Diplomas 2010 – Exhibition of graduates of the Institute for Fine Arts at Opole University, Eko Studio Theatre in Opole
Luxury Kury – project granted with a distinction during the 6 International Festival Inspirations 2010/Glamour
The Curators Birthday – exhibition by The Curators artistic group at Gallery BP Atelier in Opole
Let the hen lay your sorrow in the wall of tears – happening with The Curators artistic group, Sen Pszczoły, Warsaw
Undergraduate scholar exhibition – participation in joint exhibition at Kipp Gallery, Indiana Pennsylvania USA