Flash / performance

The performance Flash was prepared for the 5th edition of the Center of Worlds is Here festival. The festival takes place in Przemyśl, and the title of the edition in which I participated was celebration. When I think about the celebration, the image of Brazilian Carnival comes to my mind, a celebration of splendor and madness in a country of contrasts. One of the important components of carnival costumes are sequins – once markers of wealth made of precious materials, today a decorative element most often made of plastic. For a carnival costume to sparkle, one decorative element is not enough, sequins, like scales, must work together and cover the surface of a given material. Sequins, which beautifully reflect light and sparkle wonderfully, both decorative and kitschy, became the building blocks of my costume created during a personal ritual. For two hours I carefully and patiently prepared the sequins, cutting some with a hole punch from sheets of shiny gelatin, removing some from the blouse and then covering my body with them. For a moment, I turned into a shiny, sparkling, living sculpture shimmering with reflections. Looking for inspiration for my action, I found a recipe for edible gelatin sequins, I recorded their preparation, and the projection became the background for my action.

fot. Marek Horwat i Paweł Korbus

The performance took place during lectures:

Celebration and energy of prof. Marek Krajewski AMU,
Concert – ritual – carnival. Celebrations of musical events – dr hab. Andrzej Juszczyk prof. UJ
and Joseph Beuys – from the philosophy of everyday life to social change, Dr. Marta Ryczkowska UMCS

In contrast to the long preparation, the titular flash lasted only a moment, the performance ended with dancing to inaudible music and a police siren coming from behind the gallery walls.