I Sew, I Sew From Memory and I Will Not Sew Up the Memory.

To “sew up the memory” is a proverb in polish. Comes from a superstition according to which when sewing you can lose your memory of something – „sew” it up.

The hole cut in the sheets was supposed to be a dress, but it became a guilty pleasure. I sew into it, fit it in, and use the red thread held in my mouth to try to sew up the cut structures. Finally, the hole is sewn up, but the dress cannot be sewn in because the scar does not match the rest of the fabric. The hole can be sewn up, but the mark remains.


fot. Katarzyna Bogusz

Performance carried out in July 2022 at Place X in Opole as part of the exhibition Body Memory, Consciousness of the Forefather

Maria Bitka To czego nie zrobiłam_do pubnikacji na stronie 2
Maria Bitka to czego nie zrobiłam detal
Maria Bitka to czego nie zrobiłam wrazenie do publikacji na stronie

Video documentation in the form of a multimedia installation presented during the Spring Salon exhibition in the Gallery of the Contemporary art in Opole.
The work was one of 10 works distinguished by the jury.