Journey (un)possible / on- line exhibition

tęskine za horyzontem
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The project „Journey (un)possible” was an exhibition presented by the use of e-mails.
Documentation of the project can be found at this link (in Polish)
Selected works and their descriptions, translated into English, can be found below

I am missing the horizon

I am missing the horizon, I would like to lie on the edge of the earth and touch the sky
I am missing the horizon, for the unlimited virgin space
I am missing the horizon, so wide that there is room for everyone
I am missing the horizon, a land that is not divided
I am missing the emptiness
I am missing the place where there is peace
I am missing the place where there is nothing yet, or maybe there is already nothing

Paths of people and paths of ants

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Ścieżki ludzi i ścieżki mrówek_Maria Bitka
strona 2
I follow a circular path like an ant – walking the same way over and over again. I have walked it myself while walking around for 8 hours at the Contexts festival in Sokolowsko. I saw the ants’ path in Argentina and I was fascinated by the fact that those American ants, walking back and forth, leave their trace.
The illuminated photographs are still frames showing two processes, artificial and natural. I found the combination of these two images interesting because of the similarities and opposites they contain. The ant’s path is open, it goes beyond the tiny frame I’ve boxed it in. My path is closed, it is a paradox – it leads nowhere; it can be a starting point for a journey into oneself or a reflection on repetition, on invisible work that leaves a visible trace.
The path of the ants is a path from another, parallel, animal world – to which I have no access. By changing the perspective and watch it from the distance we can notice what is dividing and connecting our parallel worlds.

Dream about a tree

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This work was inspired by a dream of a burning tree that doesn’t burn. The forms created are „prostheses” of non-existent branches, the copper used for the work is recycled electrical wiring from my family home. The forms are the size of a mother’s and child’s face, the pattern of the hollows resembles an icon of Mary and the Child. When they were lying down in their place they reflecting leaves and the sky, when they were taken away from the mother tree they reflected other things. They reflected reality but a little blurry like in a dream or on old slides.