Jungle / multimedia installation

I am sitting locked in my block apartment, while somewhere in the world a jungle exists. I look at my flowers and imagine that I am in there. From behind the plants the reality of the Polish urban neighborhood sometimes pierces through, but I stubbornly narrow my eyes and imagine that I am there, among the vivid plants, the life-giving humidity, the rustling and humming.
I inhale through my nose, exhale through my mouth, and listen to the increasingly rasping breath of mother earth.
Project created as part of the exhibition „What to Do While Waiting?” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Opole

Be-comming tree

In the situation of the pandemic, I have created my own little private jungle in my apartment, composed of potted plants – miniature trees that have came to Polish apartments and offices from distant and wild parts of our planet. Suspended between blocks of flats and connected to the Internet, together with 32 artists from different countries, for one hour I’ve tried to become a tree.