Luxury Kury

Project Luxury Kury project awarded at the international festival Inspiracje/glamour w 2010 r. in Szczecin Poland

Due to the elimination of all the gloomy and brutal aspects of Life by the curators, the Luxury Kury exhibition can be also admired by sensitive viewers and sublime aesthetes. Nothing disturbs the feeling of balance and elegance, so rare in today’s world. The pieces of art, carefully selected, are leading us through the meanders of aesthetic problems deriving from the ancient times. They fulfill the need of elegant beauty characteristic to the eminent belle esprit, who came praise beauty properly. Pristine world of affluence and luxury, where there is no place for roughness or jarring horribleness. Things washed out of luxury have no right to exist. Next to the sophisticated pieces of art gathered in art gallery. These criterium is also applicable to the persons invited to the exhibition. To the people with golden cards that guarantee entrance. People coming to the French bourgeois or other aristocracy. Hallmarking with their manners, never making any faux pas. Their presence is a guaranty of best quality. They are one hundred percent glamour, their precious gemstones twinkle, their dresses and tail- coast shimmer their white American smiles shine like those from the whitening toothpaste commercials. Sparkles in plenty of eyes will accompany the auction of the prestiges paintings from the Luxkury collection. The works of outstanding authors, priced of millions of euros will fall under the hammer. The exhibits bided will ensure you with the sense of luxury in Your home. Without
any risc, with full discretion and anonymity. The impatient click of polished, brand named shoes( on the fleshy waxed floor), waiting in the line for the garments from the newest collection of Luxkury super company. This brand, however fairly new conquered the fashion world and the extraordinary haute couture outfits won a lot of prices. Except for the possibility of purchasing the brand clothes of Luxkury, one may also see professional shoots from the catwalks and the session Glakur magazine, in
which the most prominent models pose in the Luxkury creations. A real treats for eyes, the photos are charming with gold and gemstones. A satisfied, feasted eye sight can rest for a while. Its time for the touch. The comfort and luxury present at the exhibition are contagious to everyone and to some extend satisfy the dreams about alive resembling a five stars hotel. Still, there is one condition: one shall not explore the content of the works exhibited, treat everything superficially and with an innate sense of
inanity. One shall rather the side on conformity and mind’s indolence. As while careful examination analyzing the content and form and concentration, it may turn out that the glimmer Is apparent. Brand dress will turn out to be a bogus, and a shining smile a mask. Suddenly, the silver curtain will fall down, all will seen to be tawdry and  corny. Stilted and unreal From beneath the goldblocking the rough truth about life will pierce.

The Curators
Artistic group created by the artists-curators, graduates of the Institute of Fine Arts at the Opole University. Since 2009, they have dealt with the organization of exhibitions (for themselves), the development of projects and a variety of artistic activities. In joint activities the girls focus on jokes and an absurd game of meanings. Artistic activities of the Curators tend to take the form of performance, happening, interventions and actions designed to stimulate interaction with the viewer. They are mostly inspired by the reality, which they are commenting in a light, funny and absurd way, often touching upon extremely important issues such as the commercialization of art, the mechanisms of modern art and the social role of the artist. Their curatorial project entitled „Luxury Kury” (“Luksusowe Kury”) was included in the program of the International Festival of Visual Art Inspiration / Glamour in 2010. The artists were also spotted in 2010 at the festival FAMA, where they were awarded the title of the Honorary Winner. They also run a blog
The group underwent several changes. Currently, it consists of: Maria Bitka, Anna Gądek, Elżbieta Gądek, Malwina Mielniczuk, Barbara Sztybel.