my first performance

I am 3 years old and alone in the kitchen. Plastic salt shakers are on the worktop, their shape imitates tomatoes and they produce a great sound – both salt shakers beautifully rattle. I turn them over. Salt is falling on the floor, I rattle them next to my ear and I see a labyrinth in the linoleum. I step on it and I mark my route with salt.

The action „my first performance” is a repetition of a series of gestures that I made as a little girl. Little Marynia wearing a hearted dress, left by her parents for a moment in the kitchen, in my family home. The realization of this unconscious performance was ended by my great-grandmother entering the kitchen and saying „God bless you”.

The little girl does not know the codes or conventions, her imagination is free and unconstrained, and yet, through her seemingly childish fun, the ancient symbols shine through. A tangled and ambiguous labyrinth and purifying salt.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, not the first performance?

However, now officially, it can become one in an institution of art. The action of little Marynia is the starting point. The tomato salt is no longer there, but the sound has been found. The great-grandmother will not go into the kitchen again, but the costume in which the performer will perform is her old dress. Marynia has already become Maria – the same and completely different, and she wants to relive her memory again. This time in the presence of witnesses.

The action „my first performance” taken place in Gallery A4 in the Art Department of the Opole University.