performances de encierro / project in colabotation with Ariadna Pastorini

The works: Trying to Keep the Balance, Lipstick on the Glass, and Babka of Independence are actions presented as part of the Performances de encierro (performances in lockdown) project, curated and coordinated by Ariadna Pastorinii from Argentina works in the video form or live action were presented on www or Instagram
The work I’m trying to maintain balance refers to the situation of forced isolation accompanying the coronavirus pandemic by using my body to work on regaining my mental balance
In Lipstick on the glass to the rhythm of a song by the band Mannam, I leave lipstick marks on a collection of decorative glasses belonging to my friend’s mother.
The babka of independence was performed on 10.11.2021 in the late hours of the night – on the eve of the anniversary of Poland’s independence. The performance showing on line in Buenos Aires consisted of creating a special cake – Babka in my kitchen to commemorate the restoration of independence. The creation of the Babka from layers of earth salt and sand was accompanied by commentary in Spanish. The uneatable object was crowned with a flare and lips formed from frozen menstrual blood. The action resembled fun, ritual, and culinary programs combining different aspects of heroism and celebration. The word Babka depending of context could mean 3 things: cake, grandmother, or women. In my performance, I was assisted by Nati Krawtz.