Red dress / mix media

I am lying in a depression under a fallen tree in the Argentine nature reserve – Pereira Park. I look at the roots and touch the inner side of the world.
The feather, like a scalpel, disturbs the smoothness of the body. The hand from the outside draws signs – are they symbols of initiation, decoration, an elaborate plan of surgical intervention, or perhaps a map of the body – division of territory, area of fight for my SELF?
The touch of a hand dresses a naked body in blood. The red dress, the definition of sexy here, is a scab dress that covers and reveals. Hands scratch the wound. This shiny red substance is my menstrual blood, banished from the iconosphere but present in real life, an unwanted stain necessary for our existence.

czerwona sukienka 1
czerwona sukienka 2
czerwona sukienka 3

The work presented at the Spring Salon exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, in March 2022

fot Ilona Barszcz