The organ concert / performance project with kuratorki group


The organ concert was presented in Bruntal in Czech Republic within a joint exhibition Fruadenta Show 3 in the Gallery of Contenporaty Art in Opole and in Karlsruhe, during the UND8 Festival.

The concert was a type of a musical performance: visually attractive, it showed the joy of physicality, the complexity of organisms, the closeness of natural and human-induced sounds. One of the main inspirations for its design was HARUSPICJIA – that is, the art of fortune-telling from the sounds of organs…

pictures from Fruedental show3 in Bruntal CZ
Until now the organ concert was shown in Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole PL
and on UND8 festival in Karlsruhe DE

The Curators

Artistic group created by the artists-curators, graduates of the Institute of Fine Arts at the Opole University. Since 2009, they have dealt with the organization of exhibitions (for themselves), the development of projects and a variety of artistic activities. In joint activities the girls focus on jokes and an absurd game of meanings. Artistic activities of the Curators tend to take the form of performance, happening, interventions and actions designed to stimulate interaction with the viewer. They are mostly inspired by the reality, which they are commenting in a light, funny and absurd way, often touching upon extremely important issues such as the commercialization of art, the mechanisms of modern art and the social role of the artist. Their curatorial project entitled „Luxury Kury” (“Luksusowe Kury”) was included in the program of the International Festival of Visual Art Inspiration / Glamour in 2010. The artists were also spotted in 2010 at the festival FAMA, where they were awarded the title of the Honorary Winner. They also run a blog
The group underwent several changes. Currently, it consists of: Maria Bitka, Anna Gądek, Elżbieta Gądek, Malwina Mielniczuk, Barbara Sztybel.