To sweeten feelings / performance

The performance To sweeten feelings was part of the 16th edition of the exhibition of the Wrocław Intermedia Art Scene, titled Community – Emerging From the Shadow of the Anthropocene…? The exhibition took place in the Burgher Brewery in June as part of the Podwodny Wrocław festival.


fot. Tomasz Stempski

The method of sugar production – extraction, purification and crystallization of an organic substance perfectly illustrates man’s exploitative attitude towards the world. Sugar made from beets is a relatively new substance, its production developed in Poland in the first half of the 19th century. Added to fruit, it helps preserve preserves. At the beginning of the 20th century, the authorities encouraged society to use sugar by popularizing the slogan „sugar strengthens”. Since then, its consumption in Poland has been increasing year by year, which is important for health – that is why it is called the white death. Sugar prices become the subject of speculation in the event of economic changes. The performance took place surrounded by kitchen utensils and 40 kg of sugar – the amount that an average Pole consumes per year. During the action lasting about 3 hours, I ground 1/3 of my sweet supplies in blenders. A mountain of white powder was created, which may evoke various associations. The performance ended with making icing and marking an icing path leading outside, maybe some ants will follow it to the sugar mountain?